The Hollywood Smile Is More Affordable Than Ever: Now You Can Look Like a Celebrity

patient checking the result of their teeth smiling

In the past, the perfect simile was reserved for the rich and famous. The cost was just too much for anyone outside of Hollywood. The only way to recreate your favourite celebrities smile was poor quality at-home treatments that could cause both long and short-term issues in your mouth.
But times have changed and now you can be proud to show off your ‘A-List’ smile.

Let us show you the now affordable ways you can get your perfect smile:

  • Invisalign
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • Cosmetics
  • How Smilemore Solihull Can Give You The Perfect Smile


Crooked teeth have been the bane of smiles for years. Whether it be gaps in between teeth or just teeth pointing in every direction, unstraight teeth have caused people to not want to show off their teeth.
The only solution was ceramic braces. Large, cumbersome and even more of a cause to keep your mouth closed. Not to forget the discomfort.

With Invisalign, you can continue to smile even during the treatment.

The far more comfortable, transparent option allows you to remove the aligners when necessary. These were used by celebrities to discretely make their smile into the teeth you see on magazine covers.
Now this once out-of-reach technology is affordable to you.

With the prices at a reasonable level, there is no better time to straighten your teeth in a comfortable and discrete way.

Teeth Whitening

Discoloured teeth can leave you feeling embarrassed and lacking in confidence.
Your choices were either too costly or cheap at-home treatments which wouldn’t last.

Still, cheap do-it-your-self options are available that lack quality and can cause damage to your mouth.

Now while there are many places where you could get teeth whitening, there are only a few methods available if you’re looking for that lasting Hollywood smile at an affordable price.

At Smilemore we use a product specially made for dental practices from Whitewash Laboratories.

Compared to the more pricey options such as Enlighten or Philips Zoom, the most affordable alternative is from Whitewash Laboratories – which uses the same methods to give you your perfect smile at an affordable price.

Dental Implants

How often do you see a gap in a celebrities teeth on the red carpet? Never.
A gap in your teeth can lead to a gap in your confidence.

Not only can missing a tooth reduce your confidence, but it can also lead to more dental problems in your future.

replace teeth - smile more solihull

Dentures and bridges used to be the main option for people who weren’t A-Listers. These would often not last long and cause issues when doing something as simple as eating.
The solution? Dental Implants. Now you can get the celebrity solution at an affordable price.

Small metal screws that are placed in your so that your new teeth can be attached, implants allow you to regain the confidence in your smile and eat without the fear of them falling out.


To add to just worrying about your teeth you also have to think about your face around them.
Worrying about wrinkle lines and whether your lips are plump enough is something celebrities never have to worry about.

These treatments used to be expensive in the UK which would lead people to go abroad to get these treatments at a lower cost but would often find the treatment to be of low quality and lead to medical complications.

Now here in the UK, you can get Cosmetic Treatments to give you the perfect frame for your teeth at not only a low cost but also at a safe and high-quality standard.

How Smilemore Solihull Can Give You The Perfect Smile

Here at Smilemore Solihull, we offer affordable treatments of the highest quality. With treatments in teeth straightening, whitening, implants and cosmetic procedures.
To give you your perfect Hollywood smile we can save you £590 on our Invisalign Offer. Get your Invisalign treatment with Free Teeth Whitening, a Free Smile Evaluation & a Free Digital Scan.

If you are interested in getting the A-List Hollywood smile then book your free consultation with us below at Smilemore Solihull.