Aqualyx Fat-Dissolver


Aqualyx Fat-Dissolver

It’s not science fiction: this really works. Commonly used as a weight-loss medication, these fat-dissolving injections can also prove effective in permanently removing stubborn facial fat – in just one day.

Aqualyx injections should be considered a body-contouring treatment, and are best deployed on relatively small areas for best effects. Our highly trained team can consult on the best options for you.

person getting their treatment

The Procedure

Aqualyx’s main ingredient is sodium deoxycolate – a form of acid. Once injected, the treatment chemically attaches itself to fat cells, and dissolves those cells, effectively removing them from the body. The liquid fat is then flushed out of the cells, to be eliminated by your immune system and liver.

The treatment is especially effective on the jawline and chin, and can effectively slim these areas to enhance definition. A number of treatments may be required over a period of time – or only one. Our clinical team can consult with you to understand your specific needs, and suggest the best approach.