Vampire Facials


Vampire Facials

Don’t let the name scare you! This treatment is super simple and very effective, rejuvenating your skin to help achieve a younger-looking appearance. Properly known as PRP treatments, vampire facials involves a microneedle and plasma.

Plasma is a platelet-rich component of your own blood, and when absorbed by the skin on your face it can help it repair itself. More common microneedling treatments, tiny pinpricks are created in the skin to generate new collagen or elastin. Vampire facials add plasma the mix to supercharge regeneration.

In other words, vampire facials are the opposite of anything going bump in the night: in fact, they can bring your face back to life!

woman having a Vampire Facial

The Procedure

With our state-of-the-art equipment, Smile More Solihull is the ideal place to access leading treatments such as vampire facials. Our qualified clinical team are able to map your face, understand your needs – and apply a tailored PRP treatment safely, expertly – and effectively.

From enlivening dull skin to reducing the appearance of acne scars, we can device a microneedling pattern to achieve the ends you require, applying the plasma to your skin with care to rejuvenate not just your smile … but your whole face.

Non-surgical and minimally invasive, our vampire facials create punctures in your skin invisible to the naked eye. This makes the procuedre comfortable and quick, and our expert team will keep any discomfort to an absolute minimum.