Injectable Wrinkle Reduction


Wrinkle Reducers

We’ve all heard of injectable wrinkle reducers. It’s an effective, non-surgical way to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, is a tried and tested treatment that really can help refresh your skin. It can even help you stop sweating!

By far the most popular anti-wrinkle treatment, is – like all our other treatments – best undertaken by trained professionals in a clinical environment. That’s why it makes such sense to undertake injectable wrinkle reducers treatments with your family dentist: as experienced medical professionals, we can safely and effectively apply the treatment … and design a programme around your specific needs.

From initial consultation to all the after-care you need, our wrinkle reducers treatments are the best in class, and offer real peace of mind when looking to smooth out your skin.

close up on a womans face

The Procedure

Wrinkles are caused by frequent movement of muscles in the face. Wrinkle Reduction Treatment works by precise injections into the specific muscles causing wrinkles for a given individual. This both prevents further wrinkles occurring and gives the skin time to recover, reducing wrinkling over time.

As a specialist in the head, jaw, and smile, our dentists are ideally placed to identify those of your muscles that would derive most benefit from Injectable wrinkle reduction treatment – and superbly qualified to administer the treatment itself.